A downloadable game for Windows


An evil corporation has taken over the world and is killing chickens!

You are a rogue agent who broke into their computer facility, and hacked their cooling system.

However, a security measure means the controls for their fans is constantly changing. You must adapt if you want your friend to survive.


Beside each fan is a letter, hold down that letter on your keyboard to hack the fan and turn it on.

Use the wind currents generated by the fans to try to fly the chicken to the blue platform.

Spacebar restarts the current level.


Ricardo Rambarran - Art

Daniel Swieca - Programming

James Kane - Design and VFX

Very special thanks

Shirobon - Music -- Thank you so much for giving us permission!

Authorswetalo, CandyKane


Yakitori.zip 59 MB


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It's a well-made game, entertaining and addictive up to a point, but also frustrating. For keyboard control, having random keys assigned to each fan means an even steeper difficulty than it already is. Sometimes it reminded me of learning to play a new song on a piano where the keys are randomly swapped every new try, you take a look at where each of the keys are and then make a plan in your head on when and how long each key should be pressed, if there's need to. The weird story adds some depth to the game and the catchy songs fit the overall style, I think.

I'd love to invite your game to take part in our Game Development World Championship!

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Thank you very much for playing! It really means a lot to all of us who made it.

What is the GDWC, exactly? I'm interested to hear more. 

And again, very humbling to learn you've played and enjoyed our game. 

Glad you're interested! It's a yearly contest for independent game developers with entries open until the end of September. After that, a jury will pick winners in several categories, the main ones being called Pro and Hobby. The site is here: www.thegdwc.com.